Creative Camp at Keith Cameron Studios. Photo: Michael White





The member based company consists of professional artists in a variety of art forms with their professional practice in their own rights as well as emerging and professional artists deemed as having a disability and the creative support workers and disability support services that support these artists. 


More about RealArtworks: RealArtWorks was formed as a group in Wagga Wagga by a group of Artists who worked together on an inclusive multiArts project called NTV Rip Out your labels in 2005 in Wagga Wagga NSW. The success of this project led the group, under the creative directorship of Zeb Schulz, to seek further development opportunities. The group created the 2nd NTV Show Lost and Found Through Arts Action at the Awakenings festival in Horsham in Western Victoria in 2007.. (Funded by Festivals Australia through the Regional Residencies Fund)

Many of the original members of the group moved to the Northern Rivers around 2005 and met up with Ruth Tsitimbinis around this time. The group was incorporated as a not-for-profit Public Benevolent Institution with deductible gift status in 2008, with Ruth Tsitimbinis as Public Officer and Zeb Schulz as president/Artistic Director.