Photo from Buildings Still Lives 2016, Natsky PHOTOGRAPHY


RealArtWorks Inc. is a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to developing creative arts projects utilizing the skills of artists of varying abilities to interact with other professional artists or marginalised groups (culturally socio-economically or geographically) to create multi art form outcomes with a high level of 'quality' that foster creative culture and encourage social awareness..

Realartworks are a member based organisation with many of our artists and some of our board members identifying as having disability.


Our core business is developing outcome-based creative projects and operating an inclusive arts and media venue, Seespace. As SeeSpace has developed, the focus has also been on workshop based development. One good example of this is the Creative Women’s Circle FNC which has run over ten six-week workshops over the last three years with a focus on women carers.  SeeSpace is an all-inclusive arts space open to the Community and in keeping with RealArtWorks.Inc ‘s vision, promotes, access, equality and community engagement.  Realartworks.Inc continue to support and develop the skills of emerging artists providing them with both affordable and accessible space to engage with the wider community, as well as opportunities to engage in professional projects should they choose.  Exhibitions, workshops and projects run through SeeSpace are focused on engaging people through the act of creating with the belief that engaging with your creativity make you a happier person.

We are invested and create work of high quality outcomes that encompasses our vision of


  • Promoting Participation

  • Experimentation

  • Building Capacity 

  • Creating Excellence

Over the last three years we have secured funding to run larger scale projects, resulting in a greater continuity of activity and helping us to achieve our aims of greater engagement with community and audience development. We aim to continue to develop as a post-disability arts company that provides employment opportunities, networking and career paths for emerging and professional artists with and without disabilities. We invest in the creation of high quality work, exhibiting professionally and we have a reputation for quality work and strong working relationships to a number of Regional Galleries and non-arts based NGO’s.


We refer to ourselves as a ‘post-disability’ art company. By this, we mean that if within the context of ‘arts and disability’ the barriers that society erects are the ‘disability’ then as an arts company we face these barriers equally. All artists working on our projects are paid equally in line with their experience and skills and the lens of disability is seen as a powerful tool in the creation not only of great art but also social change.

 Realartworks. Inc continue to support and develop the skills of professional and  emerging artists providing them with both affordable and accessible opportunities to engage with the wider community and exhibit and perform. We support people to engage at grassroots and professional levels commensurate with their experience and ambition. We are an organisation with a proven history of managing ambitious projects logistically, financially and artistically


We are committed to working towards securing core funding that will allow us to grow as a post disability arts company, and hope to achieve this objective by 2020.