Normal TV Rip out your labels 2005  was a creative investigation into the role that labels play in society

Collage: Katie Alleva Gulliford and Mat Gulliford

Creative Producer and provocateur Sunita Bala will work with the core team of Zeb Schulz (creative direction and script development), Rohan Langford (Director of Projections), Michael White (Director of Design), and Chris Peckham (Moving Stories Director) who are all founding members of RealArtWorks Inc. and have been collaborating together in various forms for over ten years on numerous projects. These include a large scale immersive live ‘Normal Television’ show in a circus tent in the middle of Wagga called“Rip Out Your Labels” (pages 22 & 23) to collaborating in making a film about the Shearers cook as matriarch, “Bait Layers and Babbling Brooks” for Shear Outback in Hay, to taking The Bridge, an inclusive psychedelic rock band on a national tour to Poland “The MOST tour” with two local inclusive acts supported by Unsound with two local inclusive acts listed in the top ten musical experiences for 2013(Number 6) by Kultura.

The Experience

The creative team of ‘Still Lives” have a proven track record in a number of art forms and individual artistic practices in their own rights. They will be joined by other Local professional and community artists who will also be involved in the Project, including musicians from the Conservatorium as composers and performers, a troupe or dancers under the direction of choreographer/performer Phil BlackMan, projection artist Michael Rogowski, selected visual artists from the traditional and street art scheme, poets and comedians.


Zeb Schulz is the co-founder and artistic artistic director of RealArtWorks. He has been creating large scale site-specific multi-arts events for over a decade, particularly working with community, professional and emerging artists identifying as being with disability. He is a founding member of inclusive band The Bridge and project managed the Australian side of their 2103 tour to Poland. He has turned community postcards into animation projected onto buildings for the Lismore Lantern Parade, created a giant moving screen printed artwork (on punters clothing) at UnSound Festival with Sunita Bala and animated and ever changing white puppet set using projections for Krynkl Theatre. He is currently co-curator/practitioner of the Nothing Is Useless project, a partnership with Tralala Blip, recently exhibiting at Lismore and WaggaWagga Regional Gallery






Sunita Bala has had considerable experience in working with people and artists who identify with and without disability, facilitating storytelling and documenting of peoples experiences within the local community. Most recently, she was instrumental in instigating and facilitating a number of storytelling workshops that culminated in a published book, “Where does a story start?”, documenting the autobiographical stories of 7 women who identify with disability. Previously a project manager for a number of NGO Programs and events in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, she is manager and the creatives co-ordinaor of an inclusive arts and technology center, SEESPACE

She is also involved in ‘The Nothing is Useless” project and was one of the key facilitating artists in the exhibitions in Lismore and Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery


Chris Peckham runs a successful video production in Noosa “Source Media” Chris is a Go-Pro sponsored producer and an award winning film maker and video designer. He is a digital story specialist and often works in Regional Australia recording peoples stories and creating short digital films that are for and with the communities from which they come. He has worked on various RealArtWorks projects including Rip Out Your Labels and LoveWorks.




Michael White will be a mentoring and contributing artist in printing, analogue photography, and construction.

Both he and Julius Hofstetter will direct the musical component of the project

Michael is a multi-disciplanary artist who has written scores for films, constructed the 10 stunning shaped rear projection screens as part of the “This is not What it Appears” exhibition and is a founding member of Inclusive band The Bridge. Most recently he was employed by local restaurant ‘Black Sombrero” to design their stunning Bar as seen on “Getaway”. Michael was a contributing artists in the nothing Is Useless project that exhibited in both the lismore and WaggaWagga Regional Gallery





Phil Blackman is a choreographer and performance artist). He has performed throughout parts of Europe and South East Asia and is an Associate Artist with NORPA. This year,Phil was invited to be a part of a Regional/City exchange program, collaborating with Campbelltown Arts Centre’s (CAC) and Dance Integrated Australia in collaboration with Sprung! and R.E.D. Inc, a NR’s Disability day program.. He has facilitated workshops with Urban Theatre Project( Sydney)s, Martin Del Amo – independent artist, Julian Louis – Artistic Director NORPA. He teaches weekly classes in theatre for young people and has facilitated the dance program for R.E.D. Inc over the past two and half years.. His motivation as an artist and facilitator comes from great yearning to uncover or reveal an authenticity in his work and life.




Photo by Natsky Photography

Photo by Sera Davies


Rohan Langford is a creative media professional living in Lismore and head of Media studies at Lismore TAFE. He has over 20 years experience in video & film production, music performance, composition and production and theatre. His main specialties in the world of video production are Live vision mixing and streaming to Web, Video and Audio Post Production, Location Audio Recording, Soundtrack Composition and DVD Authoring. He has also worked as a Writer, Producer, Director, Camera Operator, 1st AD, Sound Designer and Lighting Technician for live Theatre and has collaborated on many high profile music festivals and the annual Lismore lantern Parade. Rohan is a founding member of RealArtWorks and has been a lead artists on a number of projects including L.A.A.F.T.A and LoveWorks.




Julius Hofstetter has been teaching saxophone, clarinet, flute, and recorder at the Conservatorium since 2002.Julius inspires both beginners and advanced students by teaching fundamental skills through to advanced contemporary improvisation concepts. In 2010 he started the Northern Rivers Youth Jazz Orchestra.Julius has performed and recorded with numerous artists here and overseas, including playing soul, blues, reggae, pop, world music and jazz touring on the east coast of Australia.


 TRALALA BLIP Based in the regional northern NSW town of Lismore, the sounds of Tralala Blip can be heard comin’ from the hills, inland from the east coast of Australia. Having toured extensively both nationally and internationally, collective members have a range of disabilities and the Tralala Blip set up is all about immediate and spontaneous access to music making, in a leading contemporary way See more at: